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21. I'm always confuse when people don't get as much joy out of hockey as I do. ......Sports.Music.Life......


Bruins fan I feel your pain…..

( *flashbacks of 2010 Blackhawks team*) 😁

I will forever miss Frolik navidad

There is still 20 min of play. I don’t care if we win or not but guys not by 4 points. Lets make this a good game.

In honor of carbomb’s return tonight I’m going to wear his shersey.


Can u tell I’m excited!

Talk shit get hit!

why the fuck would you say that!

Idiotic guy! Don’t mess with the Carbomb!

Most of the guys are here for the Blackhawks Convention. They are talking about it and a Im here sitting in my room all sad cause i can’t go.

Then they put up whats going to happen at the convention and I’m all like:

i wanna be there …….. =( Next year next year but for now

Im sooooo ready to by my tickets and be there to get my jonathan toews Bubble head!

Im so happy for them:

you gotta love their WAGs. They are awesome. Your opinion is Invalid.

Im so excited:

and then after that its Taste of Chicago: